Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, which is one of the best team in Pune for dealing with legal matters ranging from Corporate to Family and Financial matters. The firm dedicates its time and efforts to fulfil the needs of the clients. RGAA has its outstanding ability to analyze every possible scenario and achieving the best possible result for its client, which have renowned them as the top lawyers in Pune. The Firm, due to its top most services to their clients is also been featured and recognized as a “Prominent Law Firm” by Insights Success Magazine in its edition of The 10 Rising Law Firms in 2019. For more details you can write RGAA or call RGAA @ / +91 9075281109

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  • To the extent possible, deal with the local people. In case of any problem you can easily meet them.
  • Before making payment, ensure that the goods are as per agreed specifications and are in good working condition.
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